How to do a PhD with TN: part 3

I guess it is a sign from my e-reader that I am blabbering too much, he he. Ok, Iwill cut it short. There are many trggers, and it is hard to avoid them, even at my noisy home (now complete with its own construction site). I willfinish, though. I don't know if it was sensible, but I will be a researcher. But I have to start being open about my disability, which will of course not be the best thing for an early carreer researcher. I am sure a lot of you can relate.

Meanwhile, research is of course a hard course on its own. Short term contracts reliant on funding applications. I just submitted a huge funding proposal that completely floored me, and I can no longer read - I am so triggered now. If you hire me, I will need lots of extra gear to be able to do my job. But luckily, archaeological research is stil pretty manual, and I can write by hand.

The anooying part is that I wouldn't be so unemployable 25 years ago. I am applying in Africa now, and maybe I can still work a lot by hand. We will see! I am finally getting there, I am not quitting now!