How to delete a post I wrote?

I have a question, how do i delete a post ive written? I cant seem to find an erase feature? Thx

I’m not 100% sure myself… but on the bottom right of the post in question (after you sign in) there should be three or four dots in a row “…” click that and a longer menu of icons should open up along the bottom of the post. I believe you will then be given the option to edit or delete the post.

Yeah I tried that too. Didnt work. Oh well. Thanks for your help though.

Correction: on some posts there is a garbage can icon on other posts there isn’t one. Odd.

I’ll look into it more and get back to you. I also work as a moderator so I’ll reach out to the tech staff.

That would be great thx again

Hello EmGeorge

If you can post it, you can delete it. Azurelle’s instructions are correct. But no “garbage can”? That’s not good … :astonished:

I’m Seenie, and I also work on the ModSupport team, but I’ve been around longer than Azurelle. Can you copy and paste the URL/web address at the top of the page where your post appears, and give me the first 3 or 4 words of the post? I would like to have a look.

Your question is really timely: I’m working on “how to” instructions for members right now, and if I can figure out what’s gone wrong for you, I can use that information to make the instructions better. Your help will be appreciated.

Let me know which post and I will figure it out for you (and me).

All the best to you


Im in a Android phone. Im having a hard time copt n pasting without posting the post i want to delete…hmm ill keep trying

Actually, take this post. I cannot delete this post.The original question post. Subsequent replies i can delete but not the primary

Ah, the original post! Yes, the original post is locked in, because all the subsequent posts by other people would make no sense without it. There would be nonsensical threads all over the place if it were possible to do that.

BUT you can still delete it. Moderators and Modsupport have the ability to make anything (and anybody, hehe) disappear. Just ask.

Just post (reply) to say that you got this message, and I’ll be happy to do so for you!


Thanks. The post i want to delete have no replies. Under General Facial Pain my ID and one is named “Any support groups in NYC” thx