How Pain Makes You Hypersensitive

This article is so interesting, and makes so much sense, explaining how chronic pain makes you even more sensitive to pain, noise, emotions, light, sensations. It's called sensitization. For months I have been SO hard on myself, telling myself to quit being such a baby about my pain, but now I see that my/our smaller pains are probably more severe than the same pain in others who don't deal with constant pain.

Oh please don't be hard on yourself TN pain sucks, we all know that! Thank you for sharing this article, I know I have no life balance at the moment and TN worse...I do my best everyday and keep on, but yes, this pain is real and it does take a toll, but be good to yourself! Thanks again for sharing, helpful article.


Thanks Betsy,

I'm not hard on myself for TN pain, but when I get other pain somewhere, it feels so severe when it really shouldn't, but now I know why it feels worse than it should.

Thanks for that Shelia, very interesting reading.

I do agree about Hypersensitive/Central-Sensitization, this is something that my Dentist has always said about Hypersensitivity, she only has one other patient like me with same Hypersensitivity regarding teeth and Neuralgic pain, she says its hereditary and only effects some people.