How many CBD mg should I buy to treat ATN

I want to buy CBD oil and I don’t know how many milligrams to buy. Or if I should buy it on the Internet and if so what is the best place to buy it at. I have heard about charlottes web . I want the best product out there

Hi Karen
I am guessing that you are in the States.In Canada I do not think Charlotte’s web is approved yet-I have not found an oil source for it.I use CBD oil.I take 1 millilitre twice day. It has 20 mg of CBD per milliliter(that’s what the bottle says)How much it helps my mouth,I don’t know. It probably helps other old lady problems.But it is expensive.A 20 ml bottle is around $100.00.
Good luck.I really think we all need to research what is causing the ATN.Mine is at least partly caused by one teeny tiny muscle.

Hi Karen. I use cbd oil for constant burning and it definitely helps reduce the burning level. I tried several brands and I do like the CW (charlottes web) brand the best. One brand I tried didn’t do anything for the pain and another sort of helped. So they really do vary.

CW has three strengths and I buy the strongest one and take twice their recommended dose. Their recommended dose for the strongest one is 1/8 teaspoon 3 times a day which is about 50 mgs for each dose - for a total of 150 a day. But like I said I double that and take about 100 mgs 3 times a day. I experimented with varying amounts for a couple months and this worked the best for me. I tried even more but it didn’t seem to add any more benefit.

They have two sizes of the oil so I would recommend trying a small bottle of the medium strength and use their recommended dose and see how it works.

They have capsules too but I think they take longer to work. I keep them in my purse though for when I’m out.

I think some people put the oil in drinks or food but I just use the dropper to fill a 1/4 teaspoon and just put it under my tongue for a short while and then swallow it. They have two flavors - mint chocolate and olive oil and I think the mint chocolate is much more palatable.

It’s expensive!! - but it’s worked better for me than any of the many pain meds I’ve tried. I still take gabapentin 1-3 times a day and it helps some, but not as much as the cbd oil.

I order it online from their website, but I recently found out there’s a couple places locally where it’s available. They don’t usually carry the highest strength one though. If you check their website it can tell you where to buy it locally.

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Thanks for your info. I live near Toledo, Oh and found a Cannabis store that carries CW and I am headed there now. They said they are a certified retailer for the product. I have been using an off brand of cbd that has helped a little for the last week. I am on major narcotics and they don’t work along with topamax, baclofen and zanaflex and want to get off the drugs completely. I have a medical marijuana card and have a stash but if I can just use cbd I want to try that.

I have a medical marijuana card too. It helps some, but the cbd oil helps me more. I agree it’s easier to just use cbd if possible. Good luck with it - I hope it can help you.

I found Charlotte’s Web took weeks and weeks to get to me. I prefer CBDistillery dot com. They charge $8 but ship pretty much same day, two-day delivery, and you get it promptly. Both websites are legal to ship anywhere in U.S. (though originating out of Colorado) because CBD oil withOUT any THC can ship to states where it is otherwise illegal. That said, CBD oil did not help me with my TN pain, though I hope it helps you!!!

I just ordered from them directly that being Charlottes Webb. This was before I read your post. I hope it doesn’t take 2 weeks to get to me. And I ordered 5 thousand mg so I hope it works. I’m a desperate person to get rid of my pain so I will pay whatever I have to. How many mg did you use?

I have a MMJ card and get my CBD from Trulieve. I take 30mg 3xd. Which is the highest dose I am allowed. I also take low THC. I can take up to 15mg 3xd but I only take 5mg unless I am in a lot of pain. I have only been taking these for just over a month now and I have come off my Baclofen completely and dropped 300mg of gabapentin. That is just a drop in the bucket of all the medications I am on but I am so hopeful of a better life and a lot less meds. I have had bilateral TN for 8 years. Good luck.

I ordered Charlotte Webb 5000 mg. It should be here any day. I’m going to give that a try. I want off the narcotics really bad. I can’t use the thc because I get drug tested at my pain management doc office. They don’t tolerate marijuana. I know the schedule when they test but I just want try the cbd.

What I’ve read is that each person is different and will require a different amount of CBD depending on their age, weight, medical circumstances, etc.
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