How long till Trileptal works?

I have been on Lyrica (300 mg daily) for about a year now. I had good results for a long time but a couple of months ago started having pain again and it got bad very quickly. My docter ADDED Trileptal to my routine so now I take the 30o mg Lyrica and 300 mg Trileptal daily. It has been 2 weeks since adding the Trileptal and I really am not seeing any improvement. Can anyone tell me how long it took before they saw results either with Trileptal alone or this combination. I want to know how long before I decide this isn't working and change it up again.

You are at or close to the maximum recommended dose for Lyrica. But your Trileptal dosage is still pretty low. You may have to be tapered up to 900 mg/day or more before the effects are noticeable. Please consult with your doctor about a titration schedule. Do NOT increase your own dose without consultation.

Regards, Red

I also take trileptal, but I take 1800mg a day with baclofen and cymbalta. I honestly didn’t even notice a difference from the trileptal til I was up to 1500mg/day…I recently increased to 1800mg/day because I was needing more coverage. I also added cymbalta back into the mix and my pain control is the best it has been for a very long time. Trileptal takes about 3-4 days to hit peak levels in your blood so if it has been 2 weeks you definitely need to increase it A LOT!! your dose is way to low to start with. Hope that helps!! Have a great day!!

Thanks alot. I know I'm at what is really considered the top dose for Lyrica but it didn't even occur to me that I am on a low dose of Trileptal. I think the brain fuzz is really getting to me sometimes. I just didn't even consider dosage. I do have an appointment with my doc is a couple of weeks so if I don't see any change I guess I will ask about increasing my dosage.

It's hard sometimes because my husband doesn't like the idea of me being on so much medication and has been trying to find "natural" remedies through diet and herbs, etc. He also is frustrated with my doc because he (the doctor) doesn't have much personality and at our last visit I had to tell him about the fact that Trileptal can lessen the effectiveness of birth control pills. I carried my copy of Fighting Back which I call my second bible, with me to my appointment and he was actually looking in it at the info. I think I should look for a doctor that specializes in TN but it's hard to find one in my insurance plan. Does anyone have any recommendations in the NY/ Long Island area?

Our Recommended doctor's list includes the following physicians for NY/Long Island

New York City :

New York University College of Dentistry

Dr. David A. Sirois, DMD, Ph.D.

Dr. Barry Rozenberg

New York University

Dr. Ramesh Babu, Neurosurgery

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