How long does the mvd surgery take

I am not finding information on this, I have finally got to the point where a doctor is going to really do something to help me escape this nitemare of a life i have. I figure chancing the mvd is got to be better then this

Hi Sluggo,

I am sorry that you are having so much pain. My pain before the MVD was bad but not as bad as I feared it was going to get. For me, fear of the shocks and pain was much worse than the fear of surgery. The surgery was only a few hours most of which I believe was spent getting me ready and putting me back together. I have had many surgeries but was surprised at how tired I was for so long after the surgery but to me, waking up with no more pain warranted any amount of recovery time. I had an excellent surgeon who performs an average of 2 MVD's each week. Find the best surgeon available and you will have the best chance for a long lasting cure.

Good luck to you.

Mine was 2 hrs. For 2 compressions. …I think that might be an average time… good question for list for surgon.

My surgery was about two hours also, for 2 compressions also. I think if your pain gets so bad, the scary option of MVD surgery far outweighs the pain of continuing life without the surgery. I thought my pain couldn’t get any worse in December, then January came and I thought life was not worth living. The surgery was my only option and luckily I found a surgeon who could fit me in 5 days later, and he averages one MVD a week. He is also the medical advisor for the trigeminal neuralgia association of Australia. So I was confident he was my guy! Yes, sluggo, chancing the MVD sometimes becomes your only option. I hope for you your outcome is as wonderful as mine has been. Thinking of you!

About 3 hours, but heck as far as you're aware of "time" during surgery it could be 3 days.

When successful, and the odds are it will be. MVD FIXES the problem. Medicines control and mask the symptoms.

It'll be a year for me in July since my successful MVD. Find an experienced Neurosurgeon and facility and proceed with confidence. Good luck