How im doing so far

**july 30th surgery
**aug 1 got out of the hospital ( too soon)
**back to er on fri the 2nd, nausea and bad headaches that viodin would not touch. er doctor gave me two iv bags with some drugs and told me 'not related to mvd' lol ok
**aug 7 first csf leak, got an ace bandage put around my head and was so tight i could not stand it, removed at 12 hours.
**aug 11, leaked again got admitted, installed lumbar drian and had to lay in bed with head and 10 degrees untill aug 15, got out on the 17th
**aug 22, leaking again, doc has me go to er, admitted for surgey on the 23rd
**aug 26, released from hospital.
**today the 28th headaches gone for the first time since this started and feeling better

You have been through a lot! Glad you’re feeling better.

Hello Mace:
I totally understand about the headaches. I am currently waiting results of my MRI to determine what to do.
Ive had a csf leak for about two months now, and when standing there are headaches unlike Ive experienced.
It feels like something is squeezing your brain in a vice. Laying down helps a lot, but I need to get back to work.

I hope this is the last of your csf issue.


wow smash! your still leaking? the headaches are the worst part/ the dr thinks it was the mesh he put on that was acting like a one way valve, letting the csf out but not back in. hope they find an answer for you.

i just went for my first walk, about 1/2 mile total...that was plenty! lol the scar is itching too, so that is a good sign, never did itch before

Hey just wondering how you are feeling now, a few weeks out? Please update us! Praying for you & your relief.

hi robbie, im back at work with no pain other than sore muscles ;-]

the one weird thing is when i rub the lower part of the scar the right way i hear the noise from inside my head, like when you touch a microphone! lol sounds weird is the only way to describe it, must be traveling through the hole to the ear

well close to 3 months post op mvd, and no changes, still no pain and the tn/operation/pain are just memories for me. im just starting to see what a toll this took on me the last year though. lol my foreman told me how much more pleasant it is to work with me now! lol wow that made me laugh, but im sure it is true, i must have been a bear when i was having pain, or the threat of pain all day. i was stressed out but did not realize it of course. i hope to start lifting weights next month to get some leg strength back...