Living With Facial Pain

How I finally cured my Atypical TN2 pain


Try the nortryptaline.It helped me.I am just very,very sensitive to meds and cannot stay on it.
For me,I will do one more year of this crap and then it is check out time for me if nothing gets better.I never wanted to be on this medical roulette wheel where you never know what they will do and what experience they have to even determine that…
Best of luck.


Whew! Thanks for clearing that up egoiste, I was afraid a dermatology doc had treated your TN!

I have found that surgeons, regardless of the speciality, always want to cut first and ask questions later (if at all). I’m very leery of people who want to drill holes in my head! Although in ancient Greece drilling holes in your head in an attempt to relieve migraine pressure was a legit treatment and I have had migraines horrible enough that I could see how you could be convinced to try it…

That said there are so many good medication protocols out there now I tell everyone they should fail all other options, and it should be an epic fail, before even entertaining the idea of someone messing around with the nerves in your head.

You should def give nortripiline a try. I really liked trileptal and lamictal, too.


I’m kind of new to participating on here, so I don’t know what the general feeling about surgeries are. do people prefer to stay on meds the rest of their lives rather than have a hole in their skull? I have been taking so many pills for a few years now, the fact that I have to do it every day just doesn’t phase me. I’ve already been on antihistimines for decades, so what’s 18 more pills a day to me? but if there’s even a small chance an MVD would help, and since I’ve been feeling like I wish I could just die, then why not try it?


My first question would be how old are you? Because this all gets worse over time. And the surgical options don’t seem to hold, assuming they work at all they tend to gradually fail over the following decade(decade being the long side of it) and have to be repeated. it’s definitely a catch 22.


My TN group says to chose a surgeon who has a track record of excellent results.I think there are some good videos on line.But definitely go for the one with the best results.