How helpful has acupuncture been for you

I’m new here and I’m feeling like this is going to be a positive, encouraging place to be. Im holding out for a remission or at least a level of pain I can live with.

I scheduled an acupuncture appt for Monday. I’ve never had it before. I need to try everything I can. Does anyone have any advice it tips. I told the acupuncturist I can’t have my head touched. She said she has worked on someone with TN. Has anyone who has bilateral type 1 and 2 had acupuncture on their head?

I’m sorry about typos. I’m on my little phone and reading glasses really trigger the pain.

Thank you.

I had acupuncture for months before MVD and after. Loved my acupunturist, he had a very calming and caring effect on me. While the needles were in, he would put a heat lamp on my face, which felt great. Not all the needles are in your face, they are in your arm and leg, at least mine were, as well as head. It's been awhile, so I can't remeber where they all were. I paid for it out of pocket, which got really expensive, going 2-3 x a week. Do I think it helped...well, no I don't know that the acupuncture itself helped me, it was just really nice to have someone care about me, very comforting and the heatlamp was nice. It's all relaxing, nice music to help you that alone, taking the time to just completely relax helps. But it's worth a try, maybe it works better for some than others.

Thank you kg. That’s helpful to know. I thought if might be the case…the relaxing, taking time to try to help the pain…that’s got to bd helpful in some way. I’ve also become interested in self hypnosis and meditation. I want to help my memory as well since the meds are destroying my short term memory.

I hope your MVD was successful.

Thank you.

Sorry about the typos. Not a very good first impression. It’s from typing on my little phone and the pain from looking at this screen. Argh.