How do you differentiate TN from a Migraine?

For many years, I was told that my symptoms are those of a migraine. I took medicines to ease the pain, took alternative therapies such as acupuncture. But all these did not help much.

It was only 4 years back that one of my doctors told me that I am suffering from TN. But since the identification of TN is only symptom based, I am not clear whether it is TN or migraine. Sometime when the pain starts I am off for hours or even days. I have a stabbing, piercing pain on the left hand side of my face starting from the head through forehead, left eye, left cheek and left jaw. Sometimes I also see stars and my left side of the face swells up.

Please advice if someone had researched on the same topic.

Look at these pictures:

Google Images: Trigeminal Neuralgia

Google Images: Atypical Face Pain

Print off which ever one looks like you -- sounds like you have all three branches on the left....

Have you tried lidocaine patches for your face?


I hated the have no meds?????? You need a Trigeminal Neuralgia Neuologist - even if you have to drive to another state! Is progressive and rare --- we are here to help!

Read/learn/ask/repeat : )

I had MVD surgery 2 years ago - now no pain.

The more you learn, the better it can get.