Living With Facial Pain

How do you cope with the pain of TN1? Young and depressed/scared to death



My nerve block was in 2004 - I truly don’t remember what they used. I just
remember that it lasted for about three months. One injection in my center
eyebrow, and one injection at my cheekbone. Needles terrified me at the
time … Since then, I’ve had gamma knife surgery 2x for my TN, and it’s
working -thankfully. If I can find it in my medical records, I will let
you know.



Sport is good injector of courage and good being hormones,

15 to 30 mins ,soft to medium hard sport is necessary to improve your quality of life.

keep praying ,god had created solution for each problem…

living pain in life ,is a chance to imaging paradise and hell,pray to Allah to guide all to paradise.



@Cheyane93 - believe it or not, I’m only 24 and I have TN, too.

I completely understand how you must be feeling - our lives are very different than those of our friends and relatives.

Have you found a new neurologist that you like since you wrote your post? I’ve seen some horrible ones… people that minimized me, made me feel like I was making things up in my head, like the pain wasn’t real…

But once I found a doctor that believed me and supported me, my outlook completely changed.

Don’t get me wrong - I still feel angry, resentful, sad and scared, but I have hope.

Let me know if you ever want to talk. You’re not alone.


Sanjeev this is simply not true. I had MVD surgery 3 years ago and it did not resolve my TN1. I take oxcarbazepine which does give me relief from jolts of stabbing, icepick like pain


Hi all I am New on the site read all your Nice posts :wink: i had TN fo 10 years But nobody told Me That all dentists told Me teeth are Ok But I persuaded them to pull them out so They did 4 teeth are out right upper jaw the electrical pain went away In january, at That time i thought good knew That teeth were the issu.in apríl i pút 2 dental implants and sinus lift and the pain is back even worse thought i would die :frowning: i did cry for all these years But now i want to die :frowning: have 2 kids most supportive family But i Work Only part time can not do Basic things :frowning: today neurologist gave Me biston for ephilepsy :frowning: scared to hell to take it :frowning: i want the dentist to pull everything out again to get the life back But he told Me That might not be possible and i can end up with pain no teeth :frowning: Thank u for this site and wish u all a Hope As this is the Only thing We still have :wink:


Im in very bad shape after seeking help from medical establishment for trigeminal neuralgia. I trusted them to do brain surgery, and it only made me worse plus epilepsy plus brain damage. my advice is take responsibility for your own health, they got no scientific solutions, they don’t know. surprisingly, eating and drinking organic, regular exercise, not watching or listening to violence or lies on tv, praying and deep breathing (basics of healthy lifestyle). oh and this is important–simplify your life, leave stressful negative people and situations out. walk in nature, make lists of things you are thankful for. fill your life with love and positivity.
sounds unscientific? I’m here to tell you, its the only way I’ve been able to survive this. It is a struggle, simple, but not easy. that soda pop you drink, that tylonel you take, everything that is processed contains neurotoxins and it is killing us. but doctors won’t tell you that. the best defense we have is to become a health nut and accept responsibility for our chronic pain issues. Its hard, but it is the most loving advice I can give.