How do I reply to email from member?

I received 2 emails from members with one needing some support planning for upcoming MVD.
This is my first time to ATTEMPT to use this new format.
I cannot figure out how to find & reply to the members’ message!
I am nearly 4 years postoperative successful MVD @ John’s Hopkins. I am pain free & on no meds but I surely cannot figure out how to navigate your site!!
I think if my mind were fuzzy from pain & medications, I would be very frustrated trying to use the site.
Thank you for listening & I hope someone gets my message!

Just click on the users avatar. If it was a PM look at your messages. Click on your avatar and all the recent activity will appear. It will include a list of messages. You can either click on the messages OR click on the envelope widget and it eill take you to them.

Hello I am schedule for mvd with Dr Michael lim on July 8th and naturally totally freaking out ,

John Hopkins has a very good reputation I also been pain free somewhat with med for the mean time and it can and does flare up anytime am 62 and diabetic my sugars are well controlled for the meantime please give some encouragement

I started a new thread under emotional support @Ramon_M. You should get more response there. Good Luck with your upcoming surgery