How can I improve my quality of life as TN patient ?!

Hi every one…
Nice to find this place with such a supporting people… I have my TN when I was 18, Now I’m 25… It’s hard to functioning well under pain or under medication as well… I want to shair your stories in social life, marriage, work… I feel that I’m loosing every thing… I went to work with either pain or fearing if I will resign tomorrow b/c of the pain ! … If any successful stories please share it with us maybe it’ll give a hope to get better quality of life …

Hi! I am new here. How did you manage work? How are you now? I am also 25 years old and just been diagnosed. I am currently in no pain and no meds, but I'm pretty worried about the future. How often are your flare-ups?


I am 24 and was diagnosed with TN2 recently. I have spent the last 10 months in basically non-stop pain. I am quitting my job in 3 weeks, and moving back in with my parents, because in the 6 months of being diagnosed my doctors have not found anything that helped with out giving me terrible side effects.

I also feel like my "Life" has been taken from me. I had my dream starter job. I had solid friends and was renting a little house with a roommate. I was everything a young 20 something who is just graduated should be. Now I am very literally moving into my parents basement, jobless.

I have a "reasonable" plan for the next year.

1) Get better doctors and find health solutions

2) When a solution is found get a part time job.

3) Build up mental health and physical stamina to get a full time job and hopefully move back out of my parents house.
4) Maybe find a guy willing to date the girl who is likely sicker than his grandmothers on most days (I have about 5 chronic health problems, of which ATN is only one...)

I am the type of person who likes to plan every little thing and only feels happy about things that "move me ahead" so this whole quitting and moving thing seems like a major step back. I am still coming to terms with it, even though I know it is the right thing to do.

Does anyone else have similar stories? Sometimes I feel so weak for "giving in" and other times I feel like a stubborn idiot for pushing though the constant pain and no sleep for as long as I have.