Hot tub benefits Trigeminal Neuralgia

If this helps you as much it has helped me, I would like to study why that is.
It has been a dependable and a reliable remedy for me for the past 14 years.

It gives me a 2 to 3 hour relief, enough time to eat my breakfast or lunch, maybe brush my teeth etc.

Good luck.

Hi si,
I too use a hot tub. I don’t have the temp that hi, 102 for the winter and 100 for summer. I also use a bathtub for as long as 4+ hours at a time. When I am in the water it calms down the attacks and stops the cycle of attacks. I don’t have complete 2 to 3 hours of no attacks but can be less at times. I also use pressure points during attacks to stop an attack.
Thanks for posting.

Thanks for your comments Scott.
It is a wonder why it helps! I do not know if it is the heat or the weightlessness or the relaxation. Good points to study.

Where in WA are you? I live in Redmond area.

What other tricks or remedies have you found to helpful?

Hi Si,

I am not sure why or how works either. Straight heat from a heating pad with or with the moist heat one or not doesn’t work for me… Maybe not right placement or large enough area. A mystery that would be nice to solve!

I live in Creston which is an hour west of Spokane on highway 2.

I do go see my sister in Edmonds once in awhile, she is a crainio sacral therapist.

I use pressure points that help most of the times.


Hi Scott
I am hoping to hear from a lot of people to see if there is a common thread in helping people with similar conditions.

Have you found any good doctors in the Seattle area? I had my MVD done in Portland two years ago, unfortunately I was one of the 5% that did not help

I do Crainio Sacral sessions at the Bastyr clinic once in a while. I think it helps a bit, I also have been getting Acupuncture, It is hit and miss.

My trigger points keep moving to different areas. it is worst when it is on the roof of my mouth. Do you ever have the trigger point inside your mouth? If you do I have a cool trick.


I haven’t had any success with heat and ATN – be it full immersion in a water bath or hot tub or a heating pad.

I have, however, had excellent response to ice packs. I know this sounds counter-intuitive. Laying down with an ice pack on my face helps me when things are really bad.

Why? Not sure. Maybe it’s the generalized numbing effect of the ice. Maybe it’s my own personal emotional response to the idea that ice helps things that hurt, it goes back to the RICE of all my various sports-related injuries (rest, ice, compress, elevate) over the years and it’s a mind-over-matter thing for me.

All I know for sure is ice helps.

Hi Si,tn
I don;t have any Drs. in the Seattle area. I was going to see some at Harbor view when
the TN was really bad at first. The appt was several months out and my sister and another Crainio Sacral therapist worked on me often and I made alot of improvement and di not go there. I am not a candidate for surgery and have tried to control with meds and alternative methods. I use my GP who is up on TN, he has a sister in law and another patient with it. He listens and we discuss what to try.
When I have the C.S. treatment both my sister and the other therapist work on me at the same time. I also have a brother in law that is an acupuncturist and I get treatments from him. It works on the type 2 but does not help the type 1 which is what is most prominent in me. I also have several several pressure points which the same one does not always work so have to change around to different ones. I do not have any on the roof of my mouth so far.

Hi Scott,

I am glad you have so much family support. Good luck with all of that. What kind of med are you taking now, and what have you tried in the past that was helpful? I am taking 600 ml of Oxcarbazepene which I learned about it from the book Fighting Back. Is very helpful probably 90%. Once in a while I would have to complement it with 1/2 Carbamazeopine. on a bad day. I play Judo twice a week an I find that it helps to quite it down for a few hours or all night. I don’t know if you have the book fighting back or not, I have learned more about TN from that book than any Dr.

Have a Great day,


Hi All,
This is my first post. I am grateful to have found this group. I am just one week into my TN journey and have found soaking in a hot tub to be the only relief so far. I get about 15 min to 1/2 hour of pain free jaw movement - talking and eating - after soaking in the tub. I found this group by searching on Google for TN and hot tub. I am on a starting dose of 300 mg oxcarbazepine once per day in the evenings to see how I tolerate it. If the drug is OK for me the GP will up the dose to 2 doses per day. On Monday I continue searching for a neurologist in Northwest Washington State.

I don’t have a hot tub, but I do find soaking abdomen side down in the tub with half of my face submerged helpful. At our yearly spring home shows they quite often have saunas and I have to say that they are just heaven! Alas I don’t have room for one but on really bad days I do my best to recreate the effect by tenting a large heating pad over my face with some success.

I use ice bag on face not heat