Homeopath worth a try!

I had severe face pain (trigeminal neuralgia) after a root canal.
Worst pain I ever had very intense,
And them calming to a constant less severe pain that Lasted for months.
Made it so I could hardly work, let alone have a life…
I had an appointment to see a surgeon,
but as a last ditch effort, to appease my friend, I saw her homeopath, who she swore by, and I thought homeopath stuff was not valid.
But she paid for my visit! So I went.
I had no belief it would do anything at all.

I was given causticum, and something else I can’t recall, to take 3 times a day. by the third day I was cured and totally surprised and so grateful! To be pain free again.
I had my life back!!!

The Pain returned 1-2 times.
I Took just the causticum and it resolved in a few hours.

No guarantees of course,
but I would suggest to anyone suffering, to look for your nearest homeopath!
It is sure worth a try!
I’ve been pain free for 5 years!!!
Sending prayers to all who are suffering.


I have had some relief from the severe pain but would not say it was a cure. I hope you stay pain free.