Home from the hospital

MVD surgery was done on Monday and now am home. Wow, what an experience. Feel like I have been through the war. Brain drain, back drain, central line, but all were removed before I came home. Very sore back, but NO MORE TN PAIN. It is gone, thank God. Some numbness in small part of my face, which may resolve, will have to wait and see. Small price to pay to be completely pain free. Drugs are being slowly stopped, that's great! The surgeon said the vein compressing the nerve was so big and dented from the compression that it had to be removed. I am just so glad I had a top Doc who is an expert on Chiari and TN. God bless him. Now the healing begins, they shaved almost half the side of my head. LOL I am so glad it is now over.

It is wonderful that you are pain free TN wise. Hope you feel better soon other wise=) Our thoughts and prayers are with you=)

Well done for getting through that. My prayers are with you for a full recovery.

Wonderful to hear your results. I hope you continue to do well. :D Sincerely. Min

Thank you everyone for all the get well wishes and prayers. Healing slowly, am still somewhat sick to my stomach, but am taking Zofran. That works. The only pain I have is from my back, where the drain was, but is getting better. I am so glad I had the surgery, not one little prickle of TN pain. Soon I will be completely off all TN drugs, thank the Lord!