I had dental work on two my molars on the left side. Long story short, I ended up pulling out one and had root canal on another. After extraction I started having sever pain in a next tooth. I am in pain for almost a year. But the weird thing is sometimes I take advil and pain completly goes away, I heard that over the counter meds does not help with neuralgia. But sometimes nothing can help with the pain. I wanted to pull this tooth also, but I afraid I can trigger more neurological issues, I appreciate any advice.

Most of the time, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs don't work for TN. But your pain pattern is classic for a variety of facial neuralgia called "atypical odontalgia". Do NOT NOT NOT have that additional tooth pulled unless there is clear X-ray evidence of abscess or other damage. I've talked to patients who have had as many as eight teeth pulled, one at a time, as the pain "shifted" from one to the next. And all the time, the dentist didn't have a clue that he was dealing with a neurological problem . Talk with a neurologist about medication treatment for atypical odontalgia.

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i can so much symapthize... mine started also after a dental work on a left molar. the pain started in the front teeth (although the dental work was on the molar). it was also on the molar (the pain) but also on the front teeth.

advil/ibropofen also helped me at first !!! to ease the pain completly (for a few housrs) and then it came back.

i also heard the theory those pills should'nt help with nerve pains.. .but still it did.

now most of those meds don't help.. .but some ease a little. i don't know what to tell you.

in my case - i couldn't take it anymore - and last week - removed two teeth. just couldn't handle .

it didn't help the pain.

and Red was right that the pain "moved" to another tooth (i must admit that even bedore hand - i FELT the pain was not exactly in the molar... and many times it felt in differnt teeth. so it wasn't a surprise for me.

as for me - i am GLAD i removed the tooth. although it didn't help the pain.

however - in no matter i can advise that - the PAIN after the removal was intolarable.. i was taken to emergency because of the pain.

and - it DID not helped me.

it has aroused pains i though i have forgotten !

pshycollogically - it will help me move on. and also - i couldn't close my mouth before - and not the removal of the tooth - has eased that ! but again - the severe pain is still there.. and i'm having hell of days. i take painkillers every few hours for a week now.

I apply heat, I make very heavy solution of epsom salt in a hot water, I soak wash cloth in it, and apply it on my neck, I also put hot heating pad on top, and keep it there. 8 of 10 it reduce the pain.