Hi all.. .a cream-paste called here Oracort-E helped . what does that mean?

i suffer terribly the last days.. pain that i wan't to faint out of my body all they.

went to the dentist.. he gave me some paste that i got in the ER last year. it's called here :
Oracort-E . it's steroid.

he saw the exact points in my gums that caused the pain. he said we should try it. like some kind of inflamation.

i put it at home... and got almost immediate temporatl relieve !

what does that mean ? i can't use this paste more than a few days.. it's steroids.

I found this link Nir, I hope it answers your questions. Please come back to tell us how you fare.

Jackie - thanks.

i know it's used for mouth ulcers. but i don't have those ... it's just helps a little to numb the place.

don't know. pain is too much