Hey there, KerriC from Northeastern United States!

@KerriC hello there Kerri, welcome to the community of Living With Facial Pain! I can’t imagine how hard it is to go through something while being a mom, it must be tough, I guess? But, I’m so glad to have you here so early in your diagnosis and I think that you just came to the right place to learn more about your newly diagnosed condition. Running, baking and reading, fun activities, huh? I hope these activities are taking all of your stress away. By the way, how are you doing now? I hope you and your children are doing great.

I see that you’ve already read some posts and I hope you continue doing so. I’m encouraging you to start getting involved as well by creating your own discussion thread or post! You can do this by going to the home page of the community and then look for the “+” button in the right quarter. After creating your thread, just click the “Create Topic” button. If there’s a specific topic you’re looking for, the search icon (top right) is a big help!

Eymie :slightly_smiling_face: