Can somebody please tell me how pregnant women go through a pregnancy with TN??? I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have had a flare up for nine weeks now. I’m barely eating, since it’s worse at night barely sleeping. Will my baby be okay?

Shadirah, I am so sorry you are going through this. Are you able to at least get some nutrition drinks down? I would be worried about the nutrition for your growing baby. For you, I am so sorry for your pain. Hopefully others will chime in.

What med can you take? Check with pharmacist!
Most of us take Gabapentin , Trileptal , meds in that family.

Here is a link for meds that work …print off for dr. And pharmacist.

For your face, , immediate help, get lidocaine patches, generic, get prescription called in for you, it’s not harmful.

Get the book, STRIKING BACK…DR KEN CASEY…learn as much as you can, and book has some natural helpers in there too!

Im currently taking 200mg of carbmaezepine at night. And I have some topical licadine but not the patches. I will have to ask my neurologist.

And I’m seeing this book a lot, I have to purchase it.

Yes, I’m able to drink fluids. That’s what I’ve been doing and eating some soft foods. But it’s not a lot.

Oh I am so sorry! Poor you;( I don't have much to add to the things already suggested other than talking to your ob and neurologist. Does a heating pad help your face at all? Sometimes little sips of nutrition drink, shakes, soups apple sauce help. Your body will feel a little better If it's fed and hydrated. I'm sending prayers and warm thoughts your way.