Help...mvd 6 months ago, ,facial numbness, cornea ulcers

Help… I’m 35, had Tn 10yrs, mvd 6months ago, no artery compression but veins entangled in my triennial nerve. I have lost my facial pain, thank you Lord…But gained a host of New ones since surgery. I have loss of sensation on left side of face, lips,tongue,roof of mouth and eye is completely numb. I was unaware that the Trigem nerve initiates “health” to the eye. (Triggers tears, blink reflex etc…) so now my eye has cornea ulcers and I had to have my eye sewn partially shut, to protect it, and to help keep the artificial tear ointment in my eye at all times. Due to scarring on my cornea from the ulcers, I am unable to see out of my eye, when it was open. My questions…has anybody dealt with a neutrphic keratitis before? And, has anyone had mvd procedure, and had the numbness go away after 6 months? Or is the numb face par for my course…

Hi my friend, I had MVD in May of 2015 and ended up with serious complications. On is blunted burning pain and facial spasms. All in all my surgery was somewhat took away the unbearable pain and now I am left with what I think is Anesthesia Delorosa Now I am fighting with Kaiser to help manage this chronic condition