Help, Im At breaking point, eyes light sensitivity triggering my TN

Hi all, sadly light is triggering my TN so badly i have been on the verge of calling an ambulance out 3 times in the last 5 day's. I wear sunglasses day and night but they don't seam to be doing much anymore. Wind also triggers my TN. I run around the house with my eye's shut especially a night as i am so scared it will trigger. I have been so bad with pain even 20mg of my Morphine doesn't do anything, the pain just keeps going at full strength. I take Gabapentin/Nupentin 300 6 per day but it is not working anymore either. I have screamed the house down 3 different day's this week and poor hubby is beside him self watching me go through all this unbearable pain. Have GP appointment latter today but it is a new Doctor as mine moved up north to live after 19year of being my GP. Im so scared. Anyone else suffer with light sensitivity and any ideas to help control it would be so appreciated.

Yes, I've been suffering more and more light sensitivity lately. I've had Type II TN since 2003, and lately, this has been a big problem for me.

I'm so sorry that it is such a huge problem for you! But, yes, it is fast worsening for me. I wonder what the link is. I've been to the eye doctor. I have bad vision. I wish I could afford prescription sunglasses.

I wish I had anything to add here to help you, but I have just begun experiencing this myself within the past 6 months, and have wondered if it was a side effect of my medications, or not.

Driving on anything but very overcast days is becoming more difficult, and I turn the computer screen down to it's lowest setting.

Hi Stef, im so sorry you to are having problems with light sensitivity. I get my TN trigger behind both of my eyes and find that light triggers it there. I to wish i could afford prescription sunglasses. Darker the better. It has certainly brought my life to a total halt at the moment. If i here anything to help i will post as i know when your pain is so bad you will try anything. Hugs :)

Although this isn’t a major issue with my TN as of yet I do want to send you well wishes. If your new GN cannot help then by all means seek pain relief via IV pain meds. You should NOT have to suffer this way…also if possible bring your husband or other person to be your advocate. When I am in severe pain I usually break down in tears and find it hard to speak…Hang in there… :heart::heart::heart:

I'm sorry to hear about your pain! The light sensitivity and wind sounds horrible :(

Hopefully when you talk to your doctor he/she will have some suggestions :) Maybe they could try putting you on a different medication. I just hope they have some way of decreasing the pain for you!

Take care, stay strong!

So sorry this is getting so bad, but I can relate. I have found that when my eye is getting even worse I have to cover the entire side of my face and head on the left to get the relief. I wear a ski mask that is made of fleece so it is soft, and it is black. That is the only thing that brings the level of pain down but does not take it away. I to agree take someone with you because when the pain is high so are the tears and we don't always say everything we should. Praying for you.