I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I already have had some beautiful messages sent to me after joining today and thank you for those. I just got diagnosed with this the other day and it's been months and months of pain and vertigo and everything else. I have to have a Lombar Puncture done soon because they think it may be because of my past experience (twice) with viral meningitis back in college or it could be from tooth surgeries, etc. It's amazing how many doctors you have to go to in order to find a solution- I thought it was going insane. I even had a doctor tell me to go to a psychiatrist because she didn't believe me because they couldn't "see" anything in my throat. I started carbamazepine (200 mg) 3x day yesterday. But, I am starting these slowly because I am afraid. Yesterday, I took one and it did help a bit. Today, I took two- has anyone been on these meds before? The neurologist said I could only take them for a few months because they caused decreased sodium and also osteoporosis. Honestly, I know nothing about this illness and I am afraid. Any tips or anyone on this medication or anyone out there have a history of dental issues or meningitis?

Thank you so much everyone!!! I"m in Phoenix btw if anyone is out here :)

Take care!


Hi Meredith,

Carbamazepine is one of the staples of medication for neuralgias. I'm sure a number of folk have used this one. It can sometimes take a while to balance the meds and get the pain under control, so don't become disheartened if it takes a while.

All the best :)

Hello Meredith

Sorry to hear that you are going through this sh…

My pain started when I was 24, now I am 31 and still fighting and suffering. It took me 5 years until I found out that my condition is nerve pain. That’s how competent most doctors are. I heard the psychiatrist story several times and this September I have seen one for 10 sessions, talking, doing psycho tests.
As I expected, my pain is real and now I have a 7 pages report with all test results an summary to prove it.

This realy helps if you go to see a new doctor.

The only medication that helps against my pain is Tramadolhydrochlorid (Tramadol 150MG per day) and CLONAZEPAM (Rivotril 0.75 MG per day).
These meds come without most of the bad sideeffects of the other medications that mess with your neuro adrenalin and other chemicals in your brain.

The first 2 weeks you feel tired and a bit high, but afterwards you feel mostly normal with 90% of the pain killed.

If you have any questions, just ask in the forum or send me a private message. There are a lot of people with loads of experience in this forum.

You will have to help yourself, because relying on the doctors you will be lost.

All the best



I had the same reaction to your meds … also could not take Lyrica, Neurontin, tricyclics antidepressants … my body just went crazy and boycot.

With Tramadol I was just a bit tired and high with crazy dreams for 2 weeks and then all dissapeared, including much of the pain. After some month or years you might have to increase the dose and it might also stop to help one day. But for the time it is the best medicine I have taken.

all the best


Hi Meredith,

Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with your meds. Fortunately, I was diagnosed on my first visit to my family doc and the diagnosis was confirmed by an oral surgeon and neurologist within 2 weeks. However, that was only the beginning of the journey that I think all of us find ourselves on once we are diagnosed with GPN. Finding the right treatment can be frustrating at times and living with the pain can seem almost unbearable at times as well. There is hope, however and I think if you persevere you may hopefully find some relief. Everyone responds differently to the different meds and it is often by trial and error that the right treatment for you is found. Don't be discouraged too much because the first one didn't agree with you. I took Keppra (a drug with similar action as carbamazepine) and I couldn't even get out of bed even with a tiny dose and usually I tolerate high doses of meds with no ill effects at all! After trying many different meds, I ended up having microvascular decompression surgery with great relief of my pain. I am still dealing with some other effects from the surgery but the surgery was worth it for me and hopefully the residual effects from the surgery will all be resolved with time. I now however have GPN on the other side and am starting the journey again, but with hope. I think, if anything, we should try not to be too discouraged and remember that nerve pain is the most difficult type of pain to treat and that there are several classes of medications used to treat it. It takes time and patience to find the one that works in each case. I hope that you will soon find relief from your pain. Keep the faith and God bless.