Hello to Mariaria from Houston!

Welcome to our community, @MariaRia! It’s great that you found us, but too bad about your facial pain. Trying to keep up with kids and a standard poodle when you hurt so badly must be quite a challenge. How do you manage?

How did you fare in the hurricane flooding? Are things beginning to return to normal in Houston?

All the best to you. Hope to see you posting soon.

Seenie from Moderator Support

Hi welcome to the site im sorry about ur pain i know how how devastating and cripling facial pain can be i was only 16 when i had my life taken from me im going to ohsu I’m hoping my prayers will be awnsered there but if you ever want just a friend someone to msg im here and i hope ur able to get some awnsers here theres alot of knowledgeable people here with all sorts of helpful recommendations and idea’s they’ve helped me thats how i figured out my cureent plan but i hope you get the relief you deserve soon no one deserves this kind of misery welcome to the site i hope you hang in there good luck on ur journey

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Hi MariaRia,

I am a fellow sufferer who also lived through another hurricane recently. (I live in coastal Alabama. ) Our hurricane was not nearly as bad as yours, and I am sorry for your troubles in Houston.

I do find that hurricane weather makes my facial pain much, much worse. Do you find the same?

Hurricane season is nearly over, and we have a lovely spell of cool weather here now. I am therefore experiencing a reduction in pain. I am also seeing a chiropractor, and all of that combined with prayer, may be why my pain is less.

Anyway, I hope you are having some pain free times.