Hello all been away for a bit. seen a new Neurologist this past week

Hello.. Been recovering from a 2nd shoulder surgery in 11 months.. so I've not been able to type much.

I have been taking 3 tegretol a day at night for about 2 months since diagnosed. I had a episode 2 weeks ago which was quite bad. So I went and found a new Neurologist that knows quite a bit about TN.. He confirmed after a lengthy examination and questions that I do have both glossopharyngeal and trigmenial neuralgia. He is sending me for a MRI and talking about a injection after changing to 2 100 in the morning and 2 at night. He was quite puzzled why a doctor told me to take all 3 at one time.

I do hope changing the dosage and timing will help.. having that episode 2 weeks ago.. I don't want to have again.

Good to “see” you, hope your shoulder is doing well…
Glad you found a neuro who knows a thing or two!
By the way, you can also switch to slow release tegretol, it works better for me, might for you too, something to talk to your neuro if this dosing doesn’t work well?!
Take good care of you, (( hugs )) Mimi