Heat as a trigger! Should I call my Dr to up my meds?

Not sure what to do. I am pretty sure that my breakthrough pain is getting worse, but it’s only in this 90+ degree heat. I get into a room with AC and I swear I can feel the vent even a few feet away. I get into a hot car and have to turn the AC away from me.

This happened a few weeks ago – more high heat temps – but this is worse. But it went away when the temps went down and I had several perfectly fine days with minimal breakthrough pain. Yesterday my teeth got shocks at a restaurant sipping water and I thought I would die!!!

I am on 450 mg of Trileptal (ozcarbazapine) and when it works, it works great. But these temperatures have made it awful to leave the house - but I have to!!

I have to leave the house twice a week for physical therapy when it’s really hot outside, but otherwise, I could stay in if I want to the rest of the time. (I work from home) My BF would do all the grocery shopping if I want him to. But I don’t want to be a shut-in, so I am doing as much as possible early in the days.

I don’t want my meds to be increased if I’ll be “fine” again when it’s 86 degrees. The Trileptal works but I am taking naps as it is. I also had a bad reaction to Tegretol when it was upped so I worry about the same with Trileptal.

But maybe I need to increase my meds. I’m just scared of going on the med roller coaster again! I HATE having bad drug reactions and react poorly to Prednisone, which is what I always get when I have a bad reaction. :frowning:

You could speak to your Dr about upping meds even if just for a short time. Try to keep as cool as poss. Wet face cloth on back of neck, and putting wrists under a cold water tap help me to cool down. Like you say, go out early morning before it heats up. Hope this helps. mary

Thanks Mary! I get so panicky when the pain comes back! Will try some of your suggestions and if it’s not better by the end of the week, I will call my Dr.