I did do a search before posting this, just so you all know.

Monday night I woke up with a headache and ended up taking half a Vicodin for it. After a couple hours, it went away. Not a big deal.

Tuesday night, I went to bed with a slight headache. I woke up ~2 hours after going to bed with it throbbing. I took half a Vicodin. I managed to get back to sleep but woke up ~3 hours later with the same pain and took the other half of the Vicodin. Managed to get to sleep once more but woke up 3 hours with the same pain.

It's a throbbing pain, mainly around/behind my eyes though at one point was the back of my head. It's made worse by laying down and is better when I am sitting/standing. I am mildly nauseous but not overly so. Light or sound doesn't seem to bother me, just positioning and movement.

I don't know what else to do. The Vicodin didn't make the pain go away, which I've never had happen before except with TN. I took my gabapentin and it doesn't seem to be helping much either. I'm about to take some ibuprofen but am not expecting much since Vicodin didn't help.

I'm not home, I'm out of state visiting family, so cannot go to a doctor, though I have an appointment on Sept. 5th for unrelated reasons. I'll definitely bring this up though.

Any ideas of what I could take to make this pain stop?

Can you call your doctor's office and ask them, or call a local pharmacy? How about going to urgent care where you are now?

Does your health provider have a 24-hour nurse line?

I hope you find relief soon! Sorry that you're going through this pain.

I'm sorry this will not be help for now but quite a few tn members say nortriptilyne or amitriptilyne help with the headaches. I have gotten the headaches too and just take a nap for an hour or so or take a little extra gabapentin.

Just as another note, an acupuncturist I went to for headaches told me consuming dairy contribute to the headaches. At the time I was having a daily yogurt. Hope you find some relief soon.

Jasmine - It was way to early/late to go to an urgent care center. I don't think my provider has a 24 hour line. She's never mentioned it. I'll ask when I see her again though.

shadow2 - I'll ask y doctor about what to do if it happens again. I did take the gabapentin early and it didn't seem to help either. Interesting about the dairy. I have been drinking more milk than usual.

The headache eventually went away. I don't know if anything I did helped that or not. It didn't seem like it. My dad said it sounded like a migraine by how I was describing it. I've never had a headache like last night before and will definitely be mentioning it to my doctor next week.

I don't know if this is a TN thing or a separate thing. Just what I need, MORE issues. I'm too young for this. <sigh>

Re: headaches being a TN thing, many of us have problems with headaches. Mine is usually only on my left (TN) side. I did not particularly suffer from headaches before TN and I do not remember having much issue with them my first year.

What sometimes seems to bring them on a bit is weather changes or a lot of stress. So, wondering if there is a difference in altitude or inclement weather in the state you are visiting?

shadow2 - The weather is different, but it's nice here. It was raining where I live and I actually had to increase the gabapentin back to 3x a day because of the barometer changes. The barometer has been steady here and my normal TN pain has been a lot better. Just these darn headaches.

As for stress, I am about to start my last semester of nursing school next week but I don't feel stressed about it, if you know what I mean. I'm sure I am though. Not sure it's enough to cause a headache though.

I actually feel a headache coming on right now. Off to take gabapentin!

That’s interesting you say your TN pain increases with barometric changes. My boyfriend has TN, and it seems he always has a rough time when the weather is unstable. I have taken data and notice more often than not that bad pain happens when barometric pressure is falling. He says it doesn’t matter, and I’m sure it probably doesn’t seem that way to him! But I notice the attacks and pain are increased to a higher level. I also know he gets headaches like you are describing, but it seems to come after and as a residual effect of a bad attack. Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better soon!

i also have had headaches exactly how you are describing yours. i did go to urgent care and spent 12 hours hooked up to iv meds. nothing worked so i eventually went home to suffer in my own space. my neuro has been giving me steroid injects in my occipitals nerves. seems to help the headaches a bit. might be worth a try. hope you find some relief asap.

Thanks for the idea Patty. I actually don't have a neurologist I see, just my primary doctor for it. I have an appointment today and will definitely be mentioning the headaches, and having to go back to every 8 hours on the gabapentin as well. It's always something with TN it seems.