Head Colds

Oh my goodness, I’ve got a head cold right (at least that’s what I hope is considering everything else I have going on). Till this point I have not had the pleasure of getting a cold with TN (the flu yes, but not a cold of anytype). The extra presure from the cold is making my pain levels skyrocket and is just reeking havoc with my TN. I’m not able to play with my meds levels of course. So what do y’all do when you have a cold? So far I tried cold medicine it help my cold for a bit but on the other hand it made my tn act up; maybe it had something to do with it drying up my sinus? Sleeping is good but I can’t sleep all day. Tea is nice but does not really do anything but keep me hydrated. I’m thinking of trying a hot soak in the tub, but scared the steam will bug my tn too at this point as I seem to be extra sensitive right now.

The cold has brought out the why can’t I just be normal. Really why can’t I be like everyone else with a cold who can stay at work and be miserable with their cold? It’s not fair. Before tn I had no idea how easy colds were, and now I’m wishing for that easy normal person cold. I thought I was done with these thoughts and never think id be wishing to be normal with a common sickness like a cold. Sorry I had to be a big baby here for a second, I know you all will understand.

So does anybody have some suggestions for a colds?

I would call/ go to pharmacist and ask which over the counter meds could most likely NOT affect your facial nerves -- depending on what cold symptoms you have.

Or take benedryl and Nyquil and rotate them and sleep thru the week! LOL good luck!

I don't have any advice at all, sorry but wanted to say I feel for you and hope it passes really quickly. When you have tN it seems that everything else sets it off or pushes you over the edge of what you can tolerate . I have said so many times recently, why can't I just be normal again, is this it then for ever? so I understand. Stay in bed, watch films, drink eat, love yourself, as its not your fault, it will pass xxxxx

Big hugs Kari, my friend.

The only thing that helps me, is chanting in my head, softly, "this too shall pass". And it does, but not darn quick enough grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Last time i was at my Dr, i had a cold too...he gave me this large syringe looking thing and instructed me on how to squirt warm water up my nose (over a sink, it gets messy) to help with the sinus stuff, because blowing my nose was out of the question. I also spent lots of time just standing in the shower under very warm water.

And whether its medically advisable or not...when things got too bad, i took a double dose of benedryl and just slept.

As for normal...pah! who wants to be normal? (ok ok fine, me too...lol)

Wishing you peace,


What meds are you taking for your cold? My N.P. makes me get REAL sudaphed (the kind you have to check out behind the counter) and take that because she said it's the only thing that drains and dries all that crap up. My pharmacist agreed. So maybe try that. The only down side to using that is that you get looked at like a meth addict when you go to buy it, LOL!

VICKS vapor rub i know you said you can't stand the smell of it but i think it would really help

I've had a lot of luck with the Nettie pot. It's similar to the syringe that Mistee mentioned. It uses a warm saline solution to flush your sinuses. I have a very sensitive trigger point on the right side of my nose (lucky me!) and have a hard time when my sinuses become dry.

Take some time to just be sick, lie in bed if possible with a good book or a movie. Put on your comfy pj's and drink lots of fluid. Let others wait on you if possible

Hope you are feeling better


hi hun, i suffered from bad sinus issues before and it made my pain massively worse. I dont know how bad your triggers are but if you can tolerate it, steam inhalations with a few drops of olbas oil in the water or even just a little bit of rosemary in the water, somethign gentle, with a towel over the head to help loosen things up. try to avoid blowing ur nose franticly but rather gently when u can or dabbing a drippy nose rather than blowing constantly as the pressure will only give u more headache. Also try to stay propped up with a pillow..i personally find my meds tend to congest me and when i had more sinus issues i would have worse pain each morning with pressure due to poor drainage so if u can sleep with a few extra pillows then do so. Also as misty said, the sinus rinsing business helps to clear things but dont do it if you are TOTALLY blocked. Things like ibuprofen can help as often times peoples nasal passages are very swollen and not actually congested, its just the swelling that makes u feel blocked up so anti inflammatorys can calm it down.

if you do have extra mucus than normal, if you can tolerate it then gentles stroking outwards around the eyes and forhead can help.

oh one last thing, try gargling warm watr with a pinch of salt, just so you can taste a touch of salt in the water. one in the evening and also before bed. It can help rinse away bacteria from post nasal drip that could turn your headcold into a nasty sore throat.

oh and if you do the nasal lavage..your pharmacist should be able to explain it but some tips. make sure the water is room temperature to warm. no cold and not too warm. make sure it has a topuch of salt, this way it mimics your bodys natural fluids and will sting less. I wont lie.--i initially hated rinsing nose and sinuses mostly because i think i did it wrong..but it does really help, i had to do it after sinus surgery, just make sure you get some better instructions or from the pharmacists because i probably missed some tips...oh yeah, make sure the water is pre boiled then cooled..some say it does not mater but, i think its far more hygenic to pre boil water and let it cool... heh

anyway rambling..but yes i hope this helps for you xx

Oh I do understand. Completely, cause mine is getting worse. :( I think the nettie pot is a good idea, too.

I am just experiencing my first head cold as well. My ear feels terrible, my face is going to explode and my teeth ache deeply. The pharmacist suggested an over the counter which I have just taken. Gosh but Tn makes things complicated!

Saline nasal spray like “Ocean” or generic spray from the store you spray up your nose. It helps when I have a cold and keeps sinus infection away too. About $1.50.