Having Scoliosis of uppermost Cervical Spine, I found article interesting!

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

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Trigeminal neuralgia (TN -- tic douloureux) is a disorder of the fifth cranial (trigeminal) nerve that causes episodes of intense, stabbing, electric shock-like pain in the areas of the face where the branches of the nerve are distributed - lips, eyes, nose, scalp, forehead, upper jaw, and lower jaw. The disorder most often affects one side of the face, but some patients experience pain at different times on both sides. TN is considered to be one of the most painful afflictions known to medical science.

How IUCCA Upper Cervical Care Relates to Trigeminal Neuralgia
Researchers have determined that TN pain originates from damage not only to the Trigeminal nerve in the face but also from damage to the central Trigeminal system in the upper spinal cord and the ponto-medullary levels in the brainstem.1-5 Therefore, trauma to the head and neck (concussive trauma to the head, neck, or upper back) that results in injury to nerve pathways in the spinal cord and brain stem has been shown in medical literature to be a possible cause of TN.5-15 Following the trauma, facial pain can be triggered immediately or can take months or years to develop.

The purpose of IUCCA upper cervical chiropractic care is to reverse the trauma-induced upper neck injury; thereby reducing irritation to the nerves in the brain stem and spinal cord that can trigger TN. While many TN sufferers recall specific traumas such as head injuries, auto accidents or falls, some do not. An upper cervical examination utilizingLaser-aligned Radiography and Digital Infrared Imaging is necessary in each individual's case to assess whether an upper cervical injury is present and whether benefit from IUCCA upper cervical care can be achieved.

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i have Scoliosis .

i also think there is a connection and i do some exercise with Thera band from here and here

the registration for the site is free and Thera band is cheap

i start gust few days ago.....

Stef, have you tried this UCCA treatment at all?

I just am horrified at the thought of going to chiropractors, because I have very weak bones - I somehow got Osteopaenia ( just a little bit shy of having full on Osteoporosis ) so freak out that manipulation of my spine may cause fractures...

But then if they can help somehow without making my bones break - that would be worth a try, I just don't know what to do...

Hmm . . . Kerry, this may sound ignorant. But, they say there are no stupid questions. What is UCCA treatment? I will Google it, I suppose too.

I don't blame you for having a fear of Chiros. Mine squished and popped me every this way and that. It was no "gentle" treatment. I have ceased the therapy. However, he was the first to find my Scoliosis on an X-Ray, and it was later confirmed by an MRI.

The tissues of the Cervical Spine are so close to the spinal cord leading up to the cranial nerves. This is another thing I have always wondered about TN and ATN, if it could be affected by conditions of the neck, shoulders and cervical spine.

Nope, no broken bones for Kerry, please! Be careful with yourself, and I know you would be very specific in explaining that you have Osteopaenia to your Chiropractor, should you choose to go this route. Yes, I know you would proceed with caution. It seems that you have a good head on your shoulders, even if it comes with a painful face!

Careful hugs,



Please keep us informed as to how this is working out for you! We are always open to learning new things which may be of benefit to other members. Thanks for sharing. You seem to have a tenacity about you regarding your condition. Keep with it. You're so young. You can beat this. I just have a feeling.

tomey said:

i have Scoliosis .

i also think there is a connection and i do some exercise with Thera band from here and here

the registration for the site is free and Thera band is cheap

i start gust few days ago.....

Interesting . . . I also have Scoliosis. Hope your day is going well. I'm gonna make the best of it again . . .