Have your TN pain spots changed after MVD?

I am about 11 weeks post MVD. The past ten days I have been having pain in places I never had before the surgery. Still on the same side thought. My ear is so painful inside and out and is swollen. There seems to be a direct line from the tip of my ear to the right side of my tongue. Tonite there was such a painful current jolting along that circuit that I needed my husband to hold me and help me breathe thru it. Reminded me of labour thirty yeas ago. Also a few very sore spots on the right side of my head. These were never “hot” spots before surgery. Has anyone else experienced a shift in their “hot” spots after surgery? Feels back to square one in many ways as the dizziness is back too.

im sorry its rough sailing!!

week 11, I came here after MVD, went from zero pain to

back to low dose med.

I was devastated, depressed, my ear and head were still a bit out of whack but not like yours.

It took a year --- it takes most a year to have everything heal.

So even if its moved,, gotten worse, keep seeing your doctor, or a new one, and try to get to the one year mark , any way you can! Its the standard for most of course your mileage may vary!

Keep posting!

Oh, yes. Thing is the ear pain may be caused by swelling from surgery. Do call your surgeon.

As for the sore spot on the right side of your head, I am a month out from surgery, and my head still hurts from where they screwed the sterotactial frame to my head.

Yes Patty…when my pain returned after MVD, I started experiencing TN pain and shocks above my eye. Never had that before.
Back in 2002 it was below my eye on the opposite side that’s how my TN started, just that one branch.
When my right side TN1 came out of remission it was deep within my ear, along my jaw and all my lower teeth on that side.
My left MVD side TN2(once out of remission) was deep within my ear, along my jaw and my lower teeth…as it became resistant to meds while waiting for MVD it continued to change and included TN1 shock like pain along my nose, and in my throat, as well as pain along the left side of my tongue.

I believe ( MVD or no MVD) TN pain changes…
Keep track of the changes and mention to your doctor at your next visit…just to keep a log .

(( hugs )) Mimi