Have you had TN return after MVD surgery?

I had MVD surgery in April of 2012 and it went well and was successful. My TN is now coming back. I will be seeing my Neurologist in a couple of days and my primary care doctor prescribed me the gabapentin so that I could start taking it and not have to wait till I saw my neurologist. I am very scared right now, it is not anywhere near as bad as it was before my surgery. I used to drop to my knees and scream when I would have an attack. Right now it is just starting to bring a little bit of tears to my eyes once and a while and other times its just quick little twinges that are tolerable, it is slowly getting worse though. The other problem is that I am now having it in more divisions that I did before. It used to be only on my left side in the second division but I am now feeling it in all 3 on the left side and in the 2nd and 3rd on my right side. I am curious to hear from anyone who has had TN return after surgery. I would like to hear your story and how/when it came back as well as what you did/are doing about it. I am going into my last semester of nursing school in two days and I am getting married in October and I am scared that this condition is going to interfere with it all! Please respond!

Wow, I had MVD about 8 yrs ago and all was going well. Once in a while i would get little twinges, but about 2 weeks ago the sharp electric shocks started again and yesterday brought back all the pain again. I just joined yesterday because i was having the question as you. I have been in touch with my surgeon and am waiting to hear back.

my mvd was not successful. stress increases my pain instantaneously and perhaps this is also happening to you. i pray your docs find a way to keep you pain free. all the best as you plan your wedding.

I saw my neurologist and all he did was tell me to keep increasing the gabapentin graduslly until it starts helping and to see him in 3 months. I feel frustrated! I dont want to have to deal with this all over and yhe meds make me feel loopy and have trouble concentrating whuch is hard with 3 kids a job and nursing school. Uhg im sorry just venting. No one around me understands what I am going through and I feel so alone!

Hi Frankie, you are not alone. This pain is horrible. I've had it 3 years now and it is getting harder and harder to cope with it. I am thinking about MVD and am researching it as much as I can but that doesn't sound like the "cure" I was hoping for. The pain is now lasting all day and wakes me up at night when it used be sporatic and I would have a couple of months remission. That hasn't happened so I'm thinking MVD. I haven't heard many success stories but I know everyone is different. (not that that makes it any easier) I'm still not sure. I do believe stress has a lot to do with it. But even if you reduce the stress in your life the TN damage is done and besides being in all that pain causes me so much stress anyway. The meds made me sick so I stopped taking them. Right now I'm thinking that I'll do anything to make this stop but what? I'm even trying vitamins that are good for the nerves and regenerating the myelin around the nerves.I had to stop working and losing that income is killing me. I'm going to see my surgeon soon to discuss further. I recently joined too and it will be good to hear from you. Stay strong and I wish you all the best.