Have you checked your Vitamin D levels lately?

if you take an anti-convulsant medication, like Neurontin, Trileptal, or Lyrica, chances are you have low Vitamin D levels; this type of medication commonly lowers Vitamin D level in the body.

be sure to have your Vitamin D levels checked at your next doctor’s visit; if they’re low, speak to your physician about a supplementary prescription. one small pill a week, and you’re good to go!

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I haven’t but I’ve been taking Vitamin D for a long time. It isn’t by prescription. Why don’t the neurologists suggest checking it?

Vitamin D as a supplement when required is a good thing, but levels should be regularly monitored with blood tests when your regular pathology monitoring is conducted, like for myself, I have a blood test done every 6 - 8 weeks to make sure my medications aren’t doing damage to my organs, especially my liver. As Vit D is also processed by the liver and builds Calcitrol in the body, toxicity is also a possibility. Generally I would say to only make sure for most people that vit D is taken with your general practitioners knowledge and included in regular blood test monitoring to make sure levels do not build to toxicity. Just a warning folks, but yes Vit D is an important vitamin for many body processes and strong bone health. One symptom of toxicity can be nerve damage, so just be careful folks.

You need to take vitamin D tablet daily i take it two times a day… one tablet a week will not do much its like going out in the sun for half hour and thats it.
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Hi, I had my vit D levels checked a while back, 3 months ago, I was severely deficient. An 11 on a scale of 20-200 when 32 they say is normal. Well, I ran out the medication last week and I’m afraid. I’m feeling really tired again. I’m also in a lots of pain. Yes, I have TN but developed AD after MVD. It has made me want to take my life, but then I can’t I won’t. The desire is still there. I take pain meds. argh! I have a pain pump and I take dilaudid. I’ve become tolerant. But I will see my doc again in two weeks. I saw him just two weeks ago. My husband had averaged my intake at 6.9 per day so he prescribed 7/day.
I take a boat load of vitamins now, E, Fish Oil, Iron and a Multi and B12 when I remember (I like the sublingual); but it is easy to forget.
I’m a young 51, I had gained almost 60 lbs., but now I finally seem to have lost some of that weight. I eat lots of fiber and that seems to helped me from getting constipated. I also take two stool softeners at night and laculose if I need it during the day. I think being constipated can make you overweight, so in that regard, I am feeling better.
Reseacher, if you stop vit D altogether, do you lose it when you stop? I have some 400 mg. tabs. Is it best to resume at least those. I was taking 50,000 IU’s once per week. I just don’t know why I am so lethargic now.

Hope you write when you get a chance. I am expecting a house of 10-12 next weekend. I’d like to be awake and feeling well, when they come to visit.

I just found out my mom has neuropathy. She said her brain isn’t communicating with her body. I’m worried she is 77.

Thanks, I enjoyed writing.

Vitamin D by prescription is usually 50,000 units per pill. This is sufficient to take once a week.

Chronic Vitamin D deficiency can not be reversed overnight. You must use prescription supplementation for a few months to maintain the nutrient in your system.

If you cannot secure a prescription for Vitamin D, don’t despair; Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight.

It’s impossible to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from your food, so skip the broccoli and gallons of milk. Sit in the sun, it’s free and ten minutes gives you 10,000 units!

Neurologists don’t check for it because most of them are unaware.

Talk to your doctor about a prescription; if this is not an option, get Vitamin D for free outside in the sun.

Remember, ten minutes = 10,000 units.

Lastly, Vitamin D is made by the body, so you can never truly run out of it. : )

the researcher

This is GREAT post! I just had routine bloodwork after being on Trileptal for only about 6 weeks and my Vitamin D level was just below the minimum. The doctor recommended a daily supplement. Very helpful information!

It would be negligent of your (medication prescribing) doctor not to do complete blood panels on a regular basis.

Thank you, this is a ‘MUST READ’ post!!! bob

Vitamin D! Most women are Vitamin D defficient. I had a test run earlier this year and I was hardly on the chart and not even close to normal. They say normal is somewhere between 20-200 and I was an 11. So they started me on a dose of 50,000 IU/week for 12 weeks. Now I take a maintenance dose. I haven’t been back to check it out as some other issues came up. I hope you are pg. by the time you get this message. I never had children myself, but I was lucky to have 3 brothers who did and now I have great nieces and nephews; older and younger nieces and nephews. 2 brother got re-married and have young children. I think it will keep them young. At least I hope. I want to wish you well and send you the best!

My Neurologist never mentioned having blood work done of any kind. I have been on Trileptal for about 2 weeks now after 30 days of failed Neurontin use. Is this something I should be seeing my primary care physician about as mentioned earlier? My pharmacist did mention a posible change in birth control methods. Nothing else...Hmmm

I also found out I have a very low "Exceedingly low" vitamin D level and am being put on supplements. I wonder if any research has been done into finding out if there is a connection between low vitamin D and increased occurrences of TN?