Hats, scarves, and hoodies, oh my. What works for you?

I live in the lovely Inland Northwest in Washington State (the cold side) and our weather has turned quite frigid in the last week.

The wind doesn't always hit a trigger spot, but when it does, oh wow. It hurts!

I am experimenting with a variety of hats, scarves, etc, trying to find something that will block the wind, but not touch a trigger spot (which for me are on my cheek and down my lower jaw generally).

I actually even cut my hair quite short yesterday to lessen the chance of my hair hitting a trigger.

What has worked for you in the past/present? I'm seriously considering knitting my own head contraption just so that it works in the way I want. I'm thinking something with extra padding around my ear area, but that cuts in a way that doesn't touch my cheek.


Any ideas?

Hi Roselyn,

I live in the Midwest and can understand your quest for a good head/face covering. I have found that a loose fitting hat sort of perched on the top of my head combined with a scarf wrapped around my nose mouth area and tied behind my head (think of how a bandit robbing a train would tie a bandana around his face) works well. I, like you tend to have pain in my jaw, cheek and also on the top of my head. So, this seems to work the best for me. I get some odd looks from time to time. . . but I've become used to that.

When Im not going to be in public i just go with a black ski mask that only exposes my eyes. I just make sure its loose fitting enough that it doesn't press on my jaw, cheeks, or head.

I hope that helps a little.

So far, a toboggan hat with little ear flaps, my coat with the collar flipped up, and a scarf. I also wear a LOT of hooded sweatshirts in winter, so when I do, I just pull the string and tie the hood up around my face instead of using a hat. Then I pull my collar up on my coat and use a scarf if necessary. I would like to just pull on a ski mask with holes for eyes, nose & lips instead of wrapping up like a burrito, but you can't go everywhere with a ski mask on. Someone may mistake you for a robber and pounce on you, LOL!

Try a clear umbrella so you can see while you can hold it any direction to block wind or breezes. The umbrella also provides some insulative factors to prevent chilling while you are under it. Best to you! Laurel