Has anyone with type 2 TN pain used nortriptyline or amitryline and it made their symptoms worse?

Hi again. I don't know if it is a coincidence, but as soon as I started taking nortriptyline again after being off of it for 2 weeks about, immediately my pain got much worse. Has anyoje out there had the same experience? Thanks... Elvera

For me tegretol make it worse… Pain become sever crazy

For me topomax made my pain unbearable. Like a stereo turned full blast. Got off it quickly.

wow, that is very interesting... so tegretol and topomax are both antiseizure meds... I wonder if the tricyclic antidepressants

can do the same in some very rare cases...Its just like you said Shadow2, I took 10mg of nortriptyline and it was like someone turned a dial way up and my pain skyrocket'd, I am not sure what to do now.. I am on 35mg of it now... I kind of speeded up the increasing of it because I was in so much pain... I woke up this morning with unbearable pain again, I couldn't believe that just a couple of mins before I woke up, I was sleeping with that amount of pain in me, so I took 2 advil right away and this time it got rid of most of the pain... I cant believe things change so much from one day to the next..One day advil works , the other day it doesn't, etc..etc.. Anyways, thanks you guys, so I am curious, in each of your cases, did you switch to a different antiseizure med or stay clear of all antiseizure meds all together... Thanks guys... Elvera :)

I am on gabapentin and it has always helped me (3 yrs. of taking it). My neuro was just trying to switch to topomax due to the weight gain from gabapentin. In my case, I just stopped the topomax at day 9 (pain was increasing daily) and slowly worked back up to my regular dose of gabapentin. Unfortunately I have not gotten my pain back under control yet and it has been about 3 weeks. It took a day or two off to stop being miserable, slowly getting better. Yes, Elvera...that is so frustrating to not know what is going to help. That's why it is good to have an arsenal at our disposal. :)

oh, I am so sorry to hear that your pain is not under control... I know the feeling now. It sucks. I didn't know that gabapentin causes weight gain.. Dang, all the solutions causes their own set of problems. You may need to take a little more of the gabapentin now then you were taking initially , atleast for a while, to get to the same pain free level it gave you before. Those doctors and their bright ideas,,, and now you are the one who is suffering because of it...what u could have done is stay on the same amount of gabapentin and just added the lowest dose of topamax which is 15mg of it in a sprinkle form in a capsule and maybe that would have offset the weight gaining properties of the other one.. but you most likely would have reacted bad to even 15mg of the stuff.. I guess one of the reasons folks lose a lot of weight on Topamax is because it makes everything taste like metal.. yeah, lovely... did the neurologist have any theories why a medication could have the power to make you that much worse???? sounds like you were decreasing the gabapentin while you were taking the Topamax and that alone could have brought more pain too.. hope you feel better soon!!