Has anyone seen a Duke physician?

Has anybody seen Dr. Liedtke at Duke? I live far away and am just wondering what to expect from an appointment there. Will I see him for 15 minutes then drive 9 hours back home?

I am sorry for your suffering. Having TN problems I can understand your dilemma. I have a rhizotomy done at John Hopkins in Baltimore,MD. The neurologist there are pretty noteworthy I think. You didn’t mention where you are so I don’t know if that would help. I hope you find relief. Good luck. Gloria

I’m in Alabama. I heard that Dr. Liedtke was good and that he sees his patients for at least 45 minutes.

I know I’m a bit tardy posting to you and you may ave found someone close to home. I went to Dr Leitke at Duke for a while but he was so busy with research where he excells that my appts became so distant that I had to find a different neurologist. I could not go 5-8 months between appts. Fortunately I began to see Dr Timothy Collins at Duke Neurology and Headache Center. They worked together at one time and still converse. I recommend Dr Collins and would be happy to give his info if interested. Warning though it will take months to get in for new patient. Hope all is well with you now. As much as possible.