Has anyone heard of Botox therapies, ATN or AD?

I’ve already had everything done and post-op treatments tried pretty much including the kitchen sink :), so am considering having a neurologist/pain mgmt do specific Botox injections above eyebrows (around V1) and then upper and lower cheek/jaw (V2 & V3) areas, figuring that this is at least minimally invasive and NOT permanent. Thoughts?

I've heard some positive reports on Botox, and some neutral or "no gain" reports. If you'll enter the term in the search window at the upper right of this page, you should recover a number of local postings which include the term. Likewise, there are a few references in the Knowledge Base at the Facial Pain Association. A login is required for access there, but it's free. The following article is one of the references there:


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Hi Jean,

I saw this post, I am currently looking to Botox injections as a first attempt at a treatment. Meds are getting old ! Can I ask if you had the Injections, and what your experience was? Thank you ! I hope that you are pain-free or at least better !

Regards, Tiffanie