Has anyone heard about Dr. Rajesh Shah's? And his clinic Lifeforce?

I found his name on one of our forum’s and decided to look him up, but it seems very costly to use his products but he claims it helps ppl with TN, and its all natural medication.

Are you looking at homeopathy?

Here’s the thing about alternative medicine. It’s expensive. It’s not proven to work. It’s not even proven to be safe. We focus our attentions here on scientifically proven methods. It’s what works. There are lots of things we can do at home to complement it, such as use of heat or ice. Those are inexpensive and likely to help. What you’re asking about is at best just a waste of money.

Sharon from ModSupport

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Yes Sharon it is homeopathy medicine I read it here on our chat somewhere and I looked him up

Coco, Seenie here, also from ModSupport (we’re a team of four that all use the same account).

We usually “file” all the homeopathy/alternative information in our “Complementary Therapies” section, which is what I’ve done with this thread. There are some interesting things in there, but like Sharon says, usually expensive and not proven to be effective. But hey, if you have the money … and there’s always the chance that you might get the placebo effect.



Alternative Medicine in the USA is a complicated minefield.If I recall correctly Congress stepped in after so many complaints from constituents and MADE the NIH start funding some research in what is known as " Alternative Medicine " Some MDs practice " Integrative Medicine " Those MDs and DOs often combine Mainstream Medical School Medicine with Treatments not so driven by Dogma .
Dogma gets very angry when it is challenged …I use to stand up in Medical Conferences and question whether PPIs were affecting B12 absorption and be angrily scoffed at by Conference Speakers. I was messing with their dogma Now it is known to be a side effect of those Meds
I have benefited from Doctors who practice Integrative Medicine . I have also gone to stand alone Alternative Medicine Clinics and saw a Money Mill in operation and left quickly
Over the years I have seen Medicine preach certain treatments as the Gold standard and then drop that practice when new info came to light …( e,g, loading MI patients with Sodium Bicarbonate ) — that is why doctor’s " practice " Medicine .But they often act like their practice choices are not to be challenged by any thinking person
I say all this to warn you ----if you go down the Alternative Medicine trail you are likely to encounter outright hostility from many MDs/ DOs .
My advice would be to find a Doctor you trust who is open to Alternative Medicibe but does not make their entire livelihood from its practice and run any Alternative treatment by them and see what they think . If someone make their entire living from doing Alternative Medicine treatments I would be concerned
I hope this is of some help

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Thank you Medica for the Info!

This alternative medication has been proven as ineffective by many who have tried it There are other alternative ways to treat pain that can be effective Essential oils, cannabis, kratom, acupuncture (to an extent), etc have been used for thousands of years and are effective Like other alternative options, they can be very expensive and for some, prohibitivly expensive I suggest using essential oils at first and if they don’t work, maybe try kratom? Whatever you try, I hope that it helps

Just popping in again. Kratom is highly unregulated. While it may be technically legal, that doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Many years ago cocaine was not illegal, and was used medicinally. That doesn’t mean that it was or is safe.

Sharon from ModSupport

I have heard of Dr Rajesh Shah but have not tried his remedies. I have, however, tried and continue to endorse Homeopathy as a holistic, uninvasive fix for TN that costs me less than 40USD a month and a normal quality of life. I have been on homeopathy meds since 2011, was in remission for 3 years before it resurfaced and I’ve resumed my homeo treatment since. I live in Singapore and I consult a local homeo physician.

I understand that certain treatments Including allopathic treatments like prescription steroids are prohibitively expensive in the States while these cost only a few $ in some other countries, but that doesn’t mean they are bad or don’t work. So my humble request to Modsupport is to not dismiss any type of treatment based on the US situation. Nowadays, one can access meds globally. Let folks here make an informed decision based on a width of experiences.


Just FYI, the ModSupport team is pretty global, representing the US, Canada, and Australia. So while I personally am from the US, that doesn’t mean that our viewpoint is from the US only. That said, ordering meds over the internet (is that what you’re referencing?) is not always safe, and there’s no guarantee that you’re getting exactly what you think you’re getting.

Sharon from ModSupport

If you don’t mind what homeopathy meds are you taking?

Hi Coco,

I’ve been treated holistically by my homeopath over the last 9 years with a whole bunch of remedies. As several of my symptoms (of TN, perimenopausal etc.) were related, her remedies were prescribed and prepared especially for my symptoms. I would recommend that you connect with her and consult. She is available via email, or video call. As with all things medical, faith and patience are key.

I am only sharing my personal experience. The world may call it anecdotal - so be it! I am happy that I didn’t have to go under the knife in so many years, to obtain relief from pain. https://shivahomeopathy.com/

Homeopathic Consultant | Homeopathy Treatment Center - Homeopathy Treatment Center | Shiva Homeopathy Cure Clinic Singapore
Homeopathy consultant. Tejinder Kaur (B.H.M.S) is an experienced Homeopathic Consultant with more than 15 years of clinical experience. Many people from Singapore, India and other parts of the world have benefited from her homeopathy treatment over this period.

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Hope you find this useful!

Hi brighteye!

Thank you for the information I really appreciate it!

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