Has anyone had the injections to deaden the nerve?

I am new on here!!! I have Tn and fibromyalgia. The Tn is awful to live with, and I pray for all that have it. It gets so tiring, and just when you think the pain can’t get worse than this, it goes up more. My gums, teeth, and ears stay in horrible pain, and in front of ear. It is on the right side, but ear pain in both ears, but worse in the right ear. I stay so tried, and it gets so depressing at times. I heard that the injections to deaden the nerve works, so I want to get it done. I was scared of having a numb face, but now I rather have a numb face than all the pain. I don’t feel like eating, because my mouth stays so sore, and the pain makes me sick to my stomach. Sometimes I think why God would anyone have to go through so much pain, but I know I am not the only one with this. I thank God for my husband, children, and friends who are there for me. Has anyone had the injection, and did it work.

Welcome to the group Summer!
I don’t know much about the injections, but you can always try our search feature…in the upper right hand corner. It will bring up any past posts /discussions relating to the topic.
Research all you can before trying something, ((( hugs ))) Mimi

I had a nerve block done and I have been pain free for 2 months.

Thanks so much Mimi and Kelly L