Has Anyone Had a Trigeminal Tractotomy

Has anyone had a trigeminal tractotomy for tn or gpn.

it's done when MVD and other procedures have failed.

I think it's primarily used for atypical type II pain.

I'm having done and would love to hear from other/s who have had this procedure.


Put in search box hereā€¦i never heard of it!

Hi Ithurts - I have not had one although my surgeon has recommended it to me. They do not do them at Anchutz Medical Center in Colorado yet, but he said that the have one surgeon that has experience with it and may be offering it soon. He made it sound hopeful. I will watch this string and see what others have to say about it.

From what I am reading, yes, it is most often used for the facial pain you mention. From what I can see, it is just a different part of the nerve.


kc, I had never heard of either when NS suggested this procedure. there is a post from 4 yrs ago about open surgery method of what T Tractotomy I will be having procedure using needle.

hope, i'm travelling out of state (to NYU) to have procedure. i'll post after I've had procedure. if it works you know immediately.

sarraiderin, yes, slightly different approach rather than attacking nerve at origin they go higher up in brain.

thanks so much.

Many here would love

to know how it works for you! When do you go?

I wish you the very best.

The DREZ procedure is a tractotomy, but it is open skull. You are talking about it being a needle procedure. While the end results are the same, I am wondering if there two different ways of having it done. ( should have read down a little more before responding. I look forward to hearing from you when you feel better. My heart and prayers are with you.)

thanks so much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this site and the people here.

yes, the drez tractotomy refers to the surgery in which they open the skull. fortunately i'm not having that. I've already had two cranial surgeries for this condition.

while trigeminal tractotomy (needle method) has been around for decades it seems to be having a resurgence. maybe that's overstating it, it's on radar of some who specialize in TN/gpn.

I hope to have the procedure done ASAP. they won't let me schedule it yet as they need to order the needle first. huh? that was my response too. it's a major teaching hospital you'd think they'd have it and if they didn't can't they just have it fedexed. . frustrating.

Bluesea, did you have this tractotomy completed? Did it help???