Has anyone found success through Methadone maintenance? If so, what procedures have you tried before resorting to the treatment?

Dear Friends,

As my status shows, I am trying my best to be referred by my Neurologist for MVD.

I am currently taking Oxycodone, Gabapentin(Neurontin), Cymbalta and Diazepam, and I still have flair ups every day. I have tried many medications. Methadone seems to be a a last resort drug to me due to the sedating effects, especially when driving. However, I hate to admit, it is the only thing I have ever tried which has come the closest to bringing me back to my old, spirited, positive/inspired, and hard working self.

I have heard that surgery is rarely successful for Type 2 or ATN patients. I will proceed to undergo any procedure which may save me from the fate of dependency on painkillers. But, if worse has come to worse and you are take Methadone for daily relief, please share your experience with this course of treatment, be it positive or negative.

Wishing everyone a more pain free week.

Responses are greatly appreciated.

Stef :)