Has anyone experienced muscle spasms/flutters running from the bridge of the nose and then underneath the cheek on the afflicted TN side?

Lately I have been experiencing this spasm/fluttering feeling several times through out the day everyday! It happens even when my pain is less severe and the area is very tender to touch.

YES!!! Sometimes my eye is effected and a sharp shooting pain, then usually the whole nerve starts the TN. I hate it.

I have facial twitches. They go from my eyebrow down to my top lip and everything in between including the side of my nose and my cheek. They eye area and the lip are visible, the other areas are not visible to someone looking at it, but I can feel the twitching. Same side as TN.

I have been asking my Neuro repeatedly if this a Hemi-Facial Spasm. When I research this and look at examples on YouTube the videos are way worse than what I have. But perhaps I have the early stage or a milder version than what I found on YouTube.

The Neuro blew me off when I mentioned it (the - "OMG I have a patient that goes on-line" look). But at my next appointment he was very concerned about the twitching. He still would not say one way or the other if it was HFS.

You can look it up but HFS is a vessel compression on the seventh nerve, which is located very close to the TN Fifth nerve. I am thinking - what the hey, could it be the same darn vessel pressing on both nerves at the same time????!!!!! I am seeing a better Neuro soon that is a TN specialist. I am hoping he has some answers for me. I have been curious about this and have not been able to get an answer on this for close to a year now

I am not giving anyone a diagnosis here, I am only letting you know what goes on with me and what I have learned from my own reading. The conclusions I have drawn are only guesses at this point.

Will keep everyone posted on this, Elaine

yes. me !

had this especially when pain was worse.

don't know if it was DUE to the pain. or how it is related.

i had a few guesses - i though that maybe it was the body's way to deal with the pain... it's like the cheek muscle was working .. like a visible pulse. on the ache side.

wish if someone can explain this.

i guessed it was due to the pain.. the body tried to "squeaze" the muscle.. like pressuring the place that hurts.

Yes, I definitely know that prepain flutter you speak of! It's a b%^&*(! Very annoying!

I can't explain it but it is why TN was originally called "tic douloureux": tic meaning a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles. douloureux meaning painful. It's not uncommon.

Yes. :(

Mine is on the edge of my upper lip and feels sort of like a fly landed on it that odd buzzing feeling is how I describe it. I also occassionaly get it in other spots. If I get a lot of buzzing and I am not yet in pain, the pain is soon to follow for me.

The painful spasm on one side can be either an effect of TN, or an outgrowth of compressions of a different nerve in the face. If there is a discernible "twitch", then this symptom may be called "hemifacial spasm".

Regards, Red

Yes I have! My face will twitch with the pain, once it gets bad. Also, if the pain continues for any amount of time my face and/or throat will spasm. Throat is the worst part for me as far as spasms go.

Thats what I was thinking Red - Thanks Red


Richard A. "Red" Lawhern said:

The painful spasm on one side can be either an effect of TN, or an outgrowth of compressions of a different nerve in the face. If there is a discernible "twitch", then this symptom may be called "hemifacial spasm".

Regards, Red

Well in January 2008 my neurosurgeon told that I had decreased sensation in my 7th and 8th cranial nerves..I wonder if that means I DO have HFS. I wonderi f that could mean there is any connection Elaine??? Strange.. After reading your comment I am wondering. Oh boy... thoughts to ponder.. it sure does drive me craaaazzzyyyy very often it is a regular occurence with me. :(

Glad I'm not the only one.

I have bilateral TN. The right side is the lower branch, but on the left side, it's the middle branch.

It's more of an ache a lot of times, sort of like a really bad sinus infection. But the "jabs" start in front of my ear and shoot across to the base of my nose.

It will often make my eye twitch, and/or my cheek.

Isn't it great to know we aren't alone?