Has anyone applied for SSDI

There is no way I can work with Trigeminal Neuralgia, I can’t talk, I can’t drive due to medication, I can’t hardly eat without pain. Has anybody applied for SSDI and been able to get help?

Hi Mitzi,
I have applied and I am receiving SSDI.
I would recommend getting an attorney that specializes in getting it. In Washington state they cannot get paid unless they are successful. I would also getting copy of all your medical records, including mri’s, and letters from all your doctors. Let me know if I answer any questions about my journey and fell free to PM me if you want.
good luck,


Hey Mitzi,
Having been down this route, been rejected and tried doing it all by myself, all I can really say is ‘DON’T try doing it yourself’. They can make you run around and around chasing your own tail, don’t let them.
I agree 1000% with Scott3, get yourself an attorney. In the end that is exactly what I had to do, but it took years by the time I decided to get a lawyer. The lawyer I got was on a ‘No win, No fee’ basis. Make the whole process easier on yourself and get an attorney before you even start.
P.S. Take Scott up on his offer, ask questions.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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I applied one in 2016 and was denied after being put through their hoops and being judged by doctors of their choice whom knew nothing about the agony of TN. I applied again in 2018 after a horrendous winter of trying to work but this time I gathered letters of support from my primary care doc, my neurologist and my therapist. I submitted them directly to my overbitperson (whom I never met) and I was approved the second time around. You need to humanize yourself to them because otherwise you’re just another case number and very easy for them to dismiss. Don’t give up. You can win SSDI with persistence

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Thank you, I’m going to keep that in mind.

I once knew a woman who was a case worker. Their protocol is to deny every first application, this weeds out people whom are not serious, or so they say.