Had MVD 6 weeks ago today - I'm pain free!

Hi Everyone,

6 weeks ago today I had MVD surgery performed by Dr. Michael Lim at Johns Hopkins - I am thrilled to report I am pain free and today is my first day back in the office! Everyone probably has different stories on how the surgery and healing went (and is still going); I am going to just keep it short and if anyone has questions, please feel free to ask. I am completely off my meds (Carbamazepine), pain free and other than a numb scalp at the incision, no side effects at all. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I hope everyone finds what works for them and never stop looking for what will bring you relief - and don't be too scared of surgery - 2 weeks of headaches while healing is worth a lifetime (yes, I believe this will last the rest of my life:) ) of freedom without pain.



yeah!!! Such great news. There have been so many recent MVD’s and all so far have been positive outcomes. Wishing you continued positive recovery and congrats for your Pain Free life.
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Thank you so much, Joanne! The support and positive energy is much appreciated:)

I would recommend this to anyone who has suffered and can't find relief with meds.

tatto20 said:

yeah!!!! Such great news. There have been so many recent MVD's and all so far have been positive outcomes. Wishing you continued positive recovery and congrats for your Pain Free life.
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So happy for you, Jenny! I love to hear positive news from other members...this is great, I sincerely hope it will last you a lifetime!

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Wonderful news, great to hear the positive outcomes of being pain and drug free. I do hope it lasts a lifetime for you


Hello Jenny,

So thrilling to hear the MVD has worked for you! Congratulations. I hope being back at work is wonderful. Wishing you the best.

Peace and Kindness

Thank you all so much!!

I am thrilled for you! I also want to believe you will be pain free for the rest of your life. You have just won a lottery amd you deserve it. I hope working will go well too.

That’s absolutely wonderful!! More hope to hang on to. All the best!!!

So pleased for you, Jenny. I’m grateful that you shared your story too.
Continued well being as you continue to heal and recover, please keep coming back here and letting us know how you’re doing.
Huge (((( hugs )))), Mimi

Please remember that it takes a full year for all to settle down in there --- some micro pains can come and go in that year..... I had some - scary but gone for today.

Mark your calendar!!!!

Kc Dancer KC - Thanks so much for sharing that with me so I don't panic when/if it happens. I definitely still feel swollen inside and I am not 100% back to my normal level of activity. My 1 year surgery anniversary will absolutely be marked on the calendar and truly celebrated!! :)

Doing a happy dance.

Enjoy your new pain free world. I am so happy for you.


YAY!!!! I cannot express how happy I am for you . I wish you nothing but the best. Please continue visiting this site, to give us updates and positive thoughts.

My thoughts are with you.


Congrats ! As others have said, please continue to visit and post about your experience. The more positive outcomes we have to counterbalance all us who are still in pain the better. That way when people who are newly diagnosed visit the site they get a more accurate look at outcomes and aren’t scared away!

So happy for you and all our other recent pain free success stories!!

Thrilled to hear of your success!!!’ It’s wonderful to hear that this procedure works. Really works! It helps to know as I have fears about my Gamma knife, and it’s success. Happy dances and sunny days wished for you!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!! :)

I am so happy for you! Each time I hear of a successful MVD I do a little happy dance and feel hopeful for the future. All the best!

Hi. I am very happy to hear of all the recent positive MVD experiences. I wish you all the best as you start what I feel is a new life for you. Happy Birthday to you all.


Wow! great news :) so so happy for you and your family, life is so wonderful with no TN pain.