Living With Facial Pain

Grreat to meet ya, rrichmac from Nevada



Hello there and welcome to Living With Facial Pain!

It sounds like you are here on behalf of a relative of yours, whose symptoms have interfered with them being able to eat out. As someone who enjoys doing that on frequent occasion (probably more than I should haha), I can see why it would be very frustrating!

Hopefully their current treatment plan will provide enough relief once in a while - to leave the house and enjoy that bit of leisure. Either way, our wonderful community is here to provide support regardless of where either of you to may be.

I encourage you to get involved in discussion here to make yourselves feel at home. You can also check out the “How to Use This Site” tab up top - for tips on getting started.

Best wishes - and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



I am here on behalf of my wife who has tn.Only relief is when she is sleeping Nuero doctors don’t have a clue.



I see. I am sorry to hear that and hope that they will be be able to find at least some new answers.