Greetings to @ShugarKane from Indiana!

@ShugarKane hello there Korliss! Welcome to the wonderful community of Living With Facial Pain! It seems like your grandson is very lucky to have a grandparent who will take care of him like you! I’m so glad that you came here so early to your grandson’s diagnosis. How are you two doing? I hope both of you are doing fine at the moment. I hope that this community could be of any help to both of you.

I’m so glad to have you here and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy being a part of this lovely community. Also, I think you just came to the right place to learn more about his recently diagnosed condition and to find solutions for managing pain. I see that you’ve already posted your first own thread and spent a good amount of time reading and viewing posts, so, please continue doing so. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Eymie :blush:

Thank you for your warm welcome.