Green Tea and Gaba

My neurologist had me drinking LOTS of green tea, starting in March (I was drinking a quart of caffeine-free tea every day). I ended up with horrific inflammation in my intestines and bladder, which I am still recovering from. However, my PHTN is in remission (I think, I'm afraid of any twinge). I recently read that green tea is full of theanine which boosts GABA. No wonder I'm better; however, my intestines and bladder have always been very sensitive, which is why I couldn't take Gabapentin (which worked wonderful at first). Also, green tea is full of tannins which is very acidic, So I helped my PTHN pain, but destroyed my insides. I wonder if those of you with PHTN could benefit from drinking a little green tea? Ask your neurologist.

High acid was always a bad trigger for me.I quit drinking coffee and it helped.Green tea has always been considered benificial for many things so i'm not doubting you at all.But i don't think high acidity was the helpful ingredient.