Great App for when you can't speak

With my TN, it is really difficult for me to speak at times. I'm new to TN and really frustrated with a lot of things right now, especially not being able to speak a good portion of my day. I was getting really frustrated with writing things down on notebooks. It made me feel even more alienated because it was so slow. Then we moved to the whiteboard in the kitchen. That was faster but still I felt really irritated. Then I had an idea to go looking for Apps on my iPad for text to speech abilities. After a LOT of digging and trying, I found one called Talk to Me. It is only $1.99 too so it won't break your bank. It will speak using my iPad's speakers as I type something.

Does anyone else use technology to help with their TN?

This is a wonderful thing to know! I’ve stuggled with this problem for years. Can’t thank you enough!!

Awesome!!! Thanks.

With my throat and voicebox hurting more and more every day, this will be especially useful for me as well. Thank you so much RH. Min

Most welcome!