Grama's feeling pretty depressed,PLEASE HELP!

The weather is really making her hurt pretty bad,which just adds to her frustrations.Her mvd incision along with the original pain because of the failed mvd is REALLY BAD TONIGHT.She has tried over and over her Gallixa cream, her rice bags, music,ect. She has had a pretty rough fall and now winter,there’s a little warm front getting ready to move in,like 8-10 degrees but that is enough to fire everything back up.She has already been in the hospital for a couple weeks a couple times this winter already and I hate to see her have to go through all of that mess again.She is going to call her thearpist in the morning.She is someome grma can relate to and has been a big help.She also will call her neurologist’s office tomorrow and talk to his medical assistant because he’s in florida ( I wish I was too lol!! ) Maybe if she just had someone to chat too might help.( I’m pretty boring. Into my video games lol ) Thanks for the help , punkin

Oh Punkin, sorry your grama is in such pain right now. You may not be able to take the pain away but the support is huge. My husband always wants to help and I tell him that him trying to help and caring is more than enough. Just make sure she is comfortable in a cozy spot with her pillow and a blanket, that she has something to drink, talk with her a bit if she is up for it, maybe a magazine (bc it is really hard to concentrate when you are in pain) and just check in and be there for her (which it sounds like you are). You cant take the pain away but the support of a loved one is soooooo appreciated. Let her know that you are there for her and that you will do anything to help (dont let her be stubborn) and you will be the best grandchild ever. Hope this helps and good luck.

hi punkin, i am so glad gramma has such a wonderful person supporting her. changes in weather always fire up my tn as well. not much to do but ride it out. deep, slow breathing and a warm wheat bag help me. the pain almost makes a person panicy but nothing good comes from that. reassure her that this flare will ease. you are doing a great job. hugs to both you and gramma.