Gralise vs. generic Gabapentin/Neurontin

Does anyone have any experience with Gralise vs. generic Gabapentin/Neurontin? I could not tolerate 900 mg gabapentin and now neurologist next wants to try Gralise tablets which is a slow release form in the stomach that reduces side effects. As a former med chem grad school/pharmacy TA, this may work, but I do not want to go back to the fog, loopiness and unbalancing effects of gabapentin, if it does not.

Any users out there?


Hi—I began gralise months ago. At first, the 1800mg, 1x p/day did the trick perfectly. It’s one of seven meds that I take for this TN problem—gralise is the daily mainstay. I also have botox inj. for migraine in the scalp every 6-7 weeks. When the botox is doing its job (about 4 wks in that 6-7 week window), I don’t need generic neurontin for breakthrough pain. But, when the botox pain relieving benefits begin to wane, I take generic neurontin. I begin with 200mg and work up to 400mg up to 3x p/day. Advil 200mg is a must when using the generic neurontin because of the side effect of joint swelling. I noticed that the gralise really was more effective as a time release and did not have the joint swelling or the fogginess. Gralise is a name brand now, so it’s more costly than the generic, but it also seems to be more kind :slight_smile: My doc gave me a coupon for the copay and the cost was cut in half. Also, there is a downloadable coupon online that may help. I will say that this gralise addition to my med regime has given me hope again.

All the best to you!
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