GPN question

Have any of you with GPN had any type of neck injury in your previous years (ex: whiplash)? Even if it was many years ago.

GPN, in my opinion/ experience can be caused by neck dysfunction. You don’t actually state why you ask the question. GPN shares nerve pathways with TN, which can also be neck mediated. MVD is also a possible procedure, as it is with TN.

I have serious reservations about such procedure- for many reasons e.g. folk have blood vessel compression without symptoms, just one of many.

Whose to say the actual general anaesthetic doesn’t relax these muscles and hence improve symptoms? Told it’s unethical?? to only give general, but giving someone a general and then drilling a hole in their head is O.K. How did this procedure start in the first place, on a whim.

To ask the question, I feel you should address the neck problem before considering other.

I have had whiplash 3 times — last one being in 1992. Was curious if my GPN may have been from this? The GPN started around 2003 though. Am curious if there is a connection to neck injuries possibly causing this. I do still suffer neck pain on the right side and GPN affects on the left side of throat/tongue. Everything I read states the cause of GPN is unknown. Therefore I’m curious whether others with GPN have had any kind of neck injury.

Not saying it is overly helpful, but there is a search function at the top of the page which might illicit answers to your question, failing that try the link below.

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I am almost thinking the pain I have in my teeth in my lower front jaw is the result of whiplash.I had been rear ended last July and then started having a loose tooth after that and then had 2 dental procedures while I was asleep.So maybe my neck got stressed.At my physiotherapist yesterday I was looking at a chart which showed pain from whiplash can be caused in the same general area that I am having the problems in.
Good luck.Let us know what you find out.

sure do! I only have occasional pain from GPN. Most of my pain is from TN1 and 2, but it all started with a car accident in my teens and whiplash (i guess, bc it was not diagnosed but obvious in hindsight) and incredible unceasing cervical spine pain by my 20s I am now 50 and over the years, the progression has been from neck pain, which I have learned to manage, to TN, to TN+GPN. I recently read an article about a connection btn TN and cervical spine malalignment or instability, so I plan to begin physical therapy soon in an effort to see if it makes the TN and GPN better.

I’ve been told by more than one neurosurgeon that both TN and GPN rather frequently first present within a few days following a whiplash event / automobile accident. Association of GPN with whiplash after periods of weeks is far less certain.

Dr Ken Casey, also states, in the case of TN, circa 40% of folk have neck rotation as an aggravating factor.

I have, I never thought of that. I have been in multiple car accidents, including hit by a car and pick up while on my bicycle. But my injuries were always focused more on my back and knee. My chiropractor said there were issues with my neck though.